V`Noks Mex Pro Groin Guard S/M

V`Noks Mex Pro Groin Guard S/M

V`Noks Mex Pro Groin Guard

The protection of the groin in mixed martial arts is one of the fundamental components of security. Therefore, it is worth buying a bandage (protection of the groin) V`Noks to athletes engaged in boxing, Sambo, Free Fight and other training, which use punches and kicks.

The model of anatomically correct shape from the outside is made of perforated artificial leather of high quality with additional protection of the lower abdomen, the inner surface is covered with a 3D mesh.

The bandage does not hamper the movement and is firmly held on the body, even during intensive training. It is characterized by light weight and good thermoregulation provided by the VM AIR SYSTEM ventilation system. Rubberized lintels for the feet guarantee a firm fit. The bandage is securely held to the waist by a wide elastic band with Velcro from the back.

Composition of the groin guard
Inner covering material 3D grid
Material Synthetic leather
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Size S/M
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