V`Noks Futuro Boxing Gloves 16 oz

V`Noks Futuro Boxing Gloves 16 oz

V`Noks Futuro Tec Boxing Gloves

Gloves V`Noks Futuro Tec - a demonstration of innovative technologies in the field of boxing equipment. The product is made of genuine leather NAPPA and reinforced with strong double seams, which guarantee maximum durability and functionality of the model, protecting the hands of the fighter during training and sparring.


- An effective system of ventilation and moisture extraction from the inside of the product is provided by the VM AIR SYSTEM system, which is a combination of perforated leather and 3D mesh.

- The filler is a high-tech VP Gel, which provides reliable protection of joints from injuries.

- Absorbent lining, even with prolonged use, allows hands to remain dry.

- Thanks to the Smartfit system, the ergonomic shape of the gloves keeps your hand in a natural position, allowing you to quickly put on and remove them, and gives extra comfort.

- A special cuff design with an additional ventilation system and diagonal fastening firmly holds the wrist.

Those who want to win, it is worth to buy boxing gloves V`Noks Futuro - a product of unsurpassed quality, style and reliability.

Сomposition boxing gloves
Filler boxing gloves 3-layer foam-gel filler (VPGel)
Ventilation Ventilation system VM AIR SYSTEM
Cuffs Velcro cuffs with additional damper for better fixation of the wrist
Liner boxing gloves absorbent tissue
Appointment Boxing gloves
Material Nappa Leather
Size 16 oz
  • Brand: V`Noks
  • Product Code: 60051
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  • € 63.00
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