V`Noks Fitness bracelet EXO Black

V`Noks Fitness bracelet EXO Black

V`Noks Fitness bracelet EXO Black

Those wishing to keep themselves in good shape, during workouts and throughout the day, we offers to buy a Fitness bracelet V`Noks EXO Black.

V`Noks fitness bracelet EXO, like counterparts, can work autonomously. But in order to maximize its functionality, you need to install a special free application L8Star. Compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 systems and above. Syncs with your smartphone using Bluetooth.

Basic features of the V`Noks fitness bracelet EXO:

  • watch (the bracelet is synchronized with the phone and shows the time and date set there)
  • pedometer
  • distance traveled (km)
  • amount of used kcal
  • number of heart beats per minute (pulse)
  • pressure
  • reminds of activity (after a specified period of time)
  • sleep analysis (in the appendix)
  • alarm clock (through the application)

After synchronization with the phone, the display shows incoming calls, SMS, notifications of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). The display also shows the battery charge level. There is a device search function through the app: after activating the search, the bracelet will vibrate and you can easily find it.

Thanks to the application, you can take photos even at a distance with just the movement of your hand!

The product has a stylish and ergonomic design: the fitness bracelet looks great with any style of clothing, and is not noticeable on the hand while wearing. The display is activated by raising / turning a hand or using a button on the screen.

Suitable for both men and women.

Basic parameters:

  • screen size 0.66 inches
  • wireless communication with a smartphone (Bluetooth)
  • lithium battery
  • battery capacity 90 mA•h
  • bracelet size: 240 * 20
  • bracelet material - silicone
  • protection level - IP68 (protection against penetration of dust, water and solid objects)
  • equipment: fitness bracelet, charger, manual
Color black
View fitness bracelet
size universal
Composition fitness bracelet
Battery lithium, capacity 90 mA•h
Bracelet silicone, 240 * 20 mm
Additionally protection level - IP68
Equipment fitness bracelet, charger, manual
Display 0.66 inches
Application L8Star
  • Brand: V`Noks
  • Product Code: 60110
  • Availability: In Stock
  • € 22.00
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