V`Noks EXO Punch Master

V`Noks EXO Punch Master

The V`Noks EXO Punch Master is the ideal solution for those who practice boxing. The Punch Master simulates the fighting stances of a sparring partner. Allows you to develop strength, accuracy and speed of blows. In addition, working on such equipment, an athlete increases his sports interest, works out the strategy and tactics of the battle, and makes his training as realistic as possible.

The V`Noks EXO Punch Master has a high-quality steel structure, on which 8 special pads with digital markers are installed, which facilitate the training process.

The pillows are made of synthetic leather, the filling is gel-foam. Installed on special spring dampers that perfectly absorb the force of impact, thereby reducing the risk of injury to the athlete.

For maximum comfort of the athlete, the Punch Master can be adjusted in height.

A distinctive feature of the V`Noks EXO Punch Master is that the frame of the pillows is metal, not wooden. Such a fastening is more reliable, and the service life of the product will increase.

The equipment is fixed to the floor. For this, the kit includes special anchors. For correct operation and a long service life, it is important for installation to prepare a strong floor covering.

Reliable seams and high-quality fittings of the equipment ensure a long service life even under intense loads.


- Optimal positioning of pillows at different angles.

- Digital markers for a more comfortable workout.

- Quality steel construction.

- Height adjustment.

- Reliable seams and quality fittings.

Material metal / synthetic leather
View Boxing machine
size 85 x 70 x 150 -200 cm
Composition of the simulator
Type Professional equipment
  • Brand: V`Noks
  • Product Code: 60172
  • Availability: In Stock
  • € 989.00
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