V`Noks CrossFit Station EXO 6-2

V`Noks CrossFit Station EXO 6-2

V`Noks Crossfit Station EXO 6-2

V`Noks CrossFit Station EXO 6-2 - reinforced stand-alone station, which is suitable for small and medium-sized halls. The capacity of such a frame is 6 to 8 simultaneously trained athletes. In addition to places for rods, horizontal bars and targets, the station is equipped along the entire length with a handle, removable bars, and a landmine attachment for training bar. Also provided a place for mounting the rope and gymnastic rings. Ideal for group activities.

At production the thick-walled profile (2 mm) is used. Powder coating permanently preserved appearance of the equipment.

The standard configuration includes 4 targets, removable bars, landmine attachment for training bar and 2 places under the bar (4 hooks under the fingerboard). Vultures, pancakes, rope and rings are not included in the set and are selected individually.

Overall size: 2750 * 2700 * 4000 mm. It is important to remember that when using attachments (land mines, bars, rods) free space is required in addition.

V`Noks Crossfit station EXO 6-2 can be changed and / or added in size and configuration depending on your desire

The scope of supply includes: component parts of the frame (according to the type and size of the product chosen), connecting fastenings, 2 pairs of hooks for a bar, 4 targets, removable bars, a landmine attachment for training bar.

Fasteners for installation in the floor - not supplied. Anchoring bolts are used for this attachment. Their type and length should be selected based on the material of the floor.

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Composition of crossfit stations
Station size 2750*2700*4000 mm
Capacity 6 athletes
Material Metal
Place for the rod 2
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