New V`Noks Corner pillows for the boxing ring

V`Noks Corner pillows for the boxing ring

V`Noks Corner pillows for the boxing ring

Corner pillows V`Noks will help to update the look of your boxing ring. Multi-layered filler from POLYIZOL (similar to the ring flooring material) perfectly keeps its shape and completely protects the boxer from unnecessary injuries. The pillow on top has a triangular shape, 24 * 24 * 32 cm.

Corner pillow size: length - 154 cm, width - 32 cm.

The cover of the corners is made of durable and smooth PVC material. The fabric density is 650, the country of origin is Spain.

The pillows are fastened using straps with a buckle to the ropes, so it will be easy for you to adjust their position in the corners. The bend of the pillow at the top and bottom are also fastened with the help of such straps.

The kit consists of 4 pillows: 2 white pillows, 1 blue, 1 red colors - according to the standard ring color scheme. The stylish V`Noks logo is applied on the pillows.

Composition of the ring
Corner cushions Triangular shape with bends from the top and bottom, the material - POLYIZOL
Material PVC (Spain)
Color Red, blue and two white
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