V`Noks Aqua Punch Bag, 48 cm

V`Noks Aqua Punch Bag, 48 cm

V`Noks Aqua Punch Bag, 48 cm

For the fastest possible development of your qualities in boxing, and just for a variety of workouts, you need to train on various sports equipment. The V`Noks Aqua Punch bag will not only diversify your workouts, but will introduce you to new sensations, as close as possible to the real world. Unlike working on classic boxing bags filled with rags, the sensations of hitting a water-filled bag are very similar to those when hitting a real opponent - a person.

The V`Noks Aqua Punch Bag is made of dense vinyl (thickness 3 mm). Projectile diameter - 48 cm. Weight (filled) - 52 kg. Made in black color, decorated with the V`Noks logo.


- Water perfectly distributes and absorbs the force of the impact - thanks to this, the effect on the joints on impact increases, your workout becomes longer - even the most crushing blows are comfortable for you;

- the projectile remains as stable as possible during operation;

- feeling like in real conditions of the fight;

- the pear is suitable for training athletes of varying degrees of fitness (beginners and pro);

- easy to install and maintain;

- the ability to practice completely different strikes;

- suitable for training both in the gym and at home.

The punching bag is supplied empty (no water). Before using, fill the bulb with water: unscrew the valve at the end of the projectile with a screwdriver, fill with water, close the valve. To avoid equipment damage, DO NOT use the bulb empty (no water).

Material Vinyl (3mm)
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Features Water-fill punch bag
size Diameter - 48 cm, weight - 52 kg
  • Brand: V`Noks
  • Product Code: 60155
  • Availability: In Stock
  • € 90.00
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