Speed & Double Ends Balls

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V`Noks All way bag

V`Noks All way bag New material! New design! New quality!V`Noks All way bag perfectly combined all the advantages of a speed pear. Easy to use: ju..

€ 17.00

V`Noks Potente Speed Ball

V`Noks Potente Speed BallNew material! New design! New quality!V`Noks Speed Ball is designed for intensive training. It is used to develop high-speed ..

€ 29.90

V`Noks Potente Speed Double End Ball

V`Noks POTENTE Speed Double End BallNew material! New design! New quality!The trademark V`Noks presents a Speed Double End Ball stretching, made of ge..

€ 32.90

V`Noks Pro Speed Ball Platform

V`Noks Pro Speed Ball PlatformNew material! New design! New quality!V`Noks Pro Speed Ball Platform - is made for the most experienced sportsmen and pr..

€ 140.00

V`Noks Speed Ball

V`Noks Speed BallNew material! New design! New quality!V`Noks Speed Ball of high quality is designed for regular training in order to achieve high spe..

€ 19.00

V`Noks Speed Double End Ball

V`Noks Speed Double End Ball New material! New design! New quality!V`Noks Speed Double End Ball complete with a rubber harness, made by hand, from a ..

€ 21.00

Speed & Double Ends Balls

The Speed Ball is considered to be one of the most demanded fighting shells, which should be in every training hall. Working with Speed & Double Ends Balls allows you to develop valuable fighting qualities, to prepare for the conditions of conducting a real battle, to develop mindfulness and accuracy. Buy a Speed Ball for boxing to supplement your personal collection of shell equipment and improve the equipment of the hall, you can in our catalog at an affordable price.

Speed & Double Ends Balls — choice of professionals

Speed Ball Platform for impact testing, developed and produced by the promising European brand V'Noks, are the embodiment of modern solutions in the field of sports engineering. These projectiles are created from high-quality wear-resistant materials that can retain primary user properties even in conditions of active operation. The outer part of the pneumatic gun presented in our catalog is made of PVC and is sewn with a heavy-duty reinforced thread. Therefore, the decision to buy Double Ends Balls on stretch marks is a profitable investment in the development of their own fighting talent.

Working with a Speed Ball contributes to the development of a number of qualities that enable in the future to gain easy victories in the ring. Thanks to a unique design that realistically imitates the conditions of combat in the training space, it is possible to improve the reaction speed, accuracy of hit, develop a sense of distance, systematically work out the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

On our website there are various types of pneumatic installations - suspension, stretch, which allow each athlete to find the optimal projectile for training, taking into account personal preferences and sporting goals. If you have any questions about the functionality of the product, we recommend contacting the site's consultants. This will allow you to buy Speed Balls on the most favorable terms.

We offer universal solutions

The products of the V'noks trademark are oriented to the needs of a wide range of customers. That is why in our catalog you can order not only standard projectiles, but also buy Speed Ball Platform tires with fast delivery. Due to the high density of the platform and almost complete absence of vibration, this design will provide optimal conditions for the work of fighters of any level. The platform is easy to adjust in height, it can be fastened in rooms with low ceilings, so it is ideal for completing gyms of any area.