About Us

V`NOKS is a young European brand that sets ambitious goals. With less than 10 years of experience, the company has emerged as a leader in the manufacture of boxing products and continues to hold positions, due to attention to the needs of athletes and high criteria for evaluating finished products.

The history of the brand V`NOKS takes its origins in Europe. All products of the V'NOKS brand are made by hand on modern high-tech equipment.

Should note special attention to the unique design and the latest technologies of V'NOKS products - the result of the activity of young talented designers and engineers. Thanks to this, your home or professional gym will acquire individuality, aesthetics and Technology.

Considering responsibly to the production of sports products and striving to satisfy the needs of athletes as much as possible, V`NOKS constantly expands its product range, not forgetting to improve the models already in production.

TM VNK is a sub-brand of V'Noks and specializes in the production of goods for fitness and active lifestyles. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies and the experience of V'Noks, VNK products have proven themselves and have already been evaluated for quality, design and practicality.

By purchasing goods of V`NOKS brand you can be assured of quality, reliability and durability.

Thank you for choosing TM V`NOKS!