Protective gear

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V`Noks Aria White Head Guard size M

V`Noks Aria White Head GuardV`Noks Aria White Head Guard - reliable protection option for athletes practicing martial arts at the amateur and professi..

€ 46.00

V`Noks Futuro Tec Head Guard size M

V`Noks Futuro Tec Head GuardA quality boxing helmet is an integral part of the boxer's outfit. It is guaranteed to reduce the impact force by about a ..

€ 75.00

V`Noks Lotta Red Head Guard size M

V`Noks Lotta Red Head Guard The boxing head guard of the brand V`Noks is designed for systematic training and is a reliable outfit to mitigate the str..

€ 27.00

V`Noks Lotta Blue Head Guard size M

V`Noks Lotta Blue Head Guard The boxing head guard of the brand V`Noks is designed for systematic training and is a reliable outfit to mitigate the st..

€ 27.00

V`Noks Boxing Machine PRO Head Guard

V`Noks Boxing Machine PRO Head GuardV`Noks Boxing Machine PRO Head Guard from the trade mark V`Noks with the highest degree of protection and a comfor..

€ 72.00

V`Noks Body Protector Potente Red

V`Noks Body Protector Potente RedV`Noks Body Protector Potente Red provides reliable protection from the blows of the abdomen and chest of the coach. ..

€ 58.00

Protective gear

Wearing your head during training and competition is not only a guarantee of health preservation, but also an admission to the entrance to the ring. The Head Guard for martial arts is necessary for every soldier who aspires to achieve serious successes and to provide himself with confidence during the conduct of the battle.

We offer Head Guards for training and competitions

The catalog of our online store provides a wide range of protective accessories, the quality of which meets international standards and allows you to significantly soften the strength of missed shots. V'Noks Head Guards provide an optimal level of protection for the jaws, cheekbones, ears, foreheads, and therefore are suitable as an indispensable element of equipment for both training and competitive battles.

Before you buy Head Guards for martial arts, you should pay close attention to such pricing characteristics:

The main material - it can be artificial or natural leather. Head Guards made of genuine leather differ not only in their high wear resistance, but also in their optimal fit.

Type of filler. V'Noks Head Guards use a modern foam-gel filler, which reduces the force of missed shots and has a minimum weight. Thanks to this brand products are characterized by high strength and lightness.

Ventilation system. All the head protection options presented in our catalog are characterized by the presence of a practical absorbent lining providing the possibility of conducting intensive work in comfortable conditions.

We offer different versions of quality fighting Head Guards, differing in size, type of chin protection, design solutions. In case of any additional questions, we recommend contacting site operators who will help you make the right choice and purchase an ideally suitable protective accessory.

Order Head Guards V'Noks with delivery

The Head Guards of the promising European brand V'Noks, which occupies a confident position in the market of quality combat equipment, provide a good level of vision with a guarantee of maximum protection, demonstrate minimum wear rates even under conditions of heavy use. To buy Head Guards for single combats with face protection or a lightweight version of the equipment you can by placing an order in our catalog that will be promptly delivered to the chosen locality at the agreed time. Choose the best - buy quality V`Noks Head Guards!